The song is beautiful as usual but was he crying in the middle?

Thinking of his members? > <

He especially sang emotionally during (although that part should be sang emotionally)

잘 하고 있어 (I’m doing well)

함께 있어줘 (Please stay with me)

내게로 들려 (I can hear you)

네가 들려 (I hear you) Say Hello Hello Hello

Oppa, 울지마! Get well soon (both physically and mentally) and meet your members! Please stay happy all the time!

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  • Eric: During our trainee days in 1997, at the management company office and rehearsal studio in Bangbae-dong, our first 3 fans who called us BST and always followed us around! One of them was Jungmi, I think.. (Jungmi-sshi, are you here?) Back then the 3 of you were still wearing your school uniforms, I’m curious about where you are now and what you are doing~
  • Hyesung: 24 March 1998, our first performance on KM Show Music Tank. Standing on the live stage I was really nervous, it was as if I had a blindfold over my eyes and everything was dark… I worked really hard during the rehearsal so it was such a pity that I didn’t get to use my full power during the live show! I remember there were less than 10 fans seated in the front row but they cheered us on with the power of 1,000 fans…. Our unforgettable first performance… I miss it ㅎㅎㅎ
  • Eric: Oh! I was thinking of talking about that too… Were there about 5 fans during our first performance? They were just screaming for us
  • Andy: To be precise there were 9 of them!
  • Dongwan: During the time when we were living in Seorae Village, in front of Bangbae Middle School… I wanted to ride my bicycle to go for a workout and to avoid the fans I just dashed down the stairs, and I just headed through without knowing that the glass door was closed ㅜㅜ I was so embarrassed that I went upstairs again…
  • Eric: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Good!
  • Dongwan: The fans just laughed out loud… During the Busan concert I fell off the stage too, my shoulder that was operated on got dislocated……. The fans were laughing……….. Back then in Yongpyeong when we were learning how to snowboard, I fell over and dislocated my shoulder, Minwoo was passing by and I said “Help me!!” And he just laughed and went off… Is it funny to see me in pain? -_-;;;
  • Eric: During the Dream Concert we wanted to make a cool entrance and while going down the steps Hyesungie fell in between the steps and fell on his elbow, and the fans laughed.
  • Junjin: During Eusha Eusha, Hyesungie-hyung did a cool kick in the middle of the song…. But he fell off ㅜ But the fans laughed even louder
  • Dongwan: ㅋㅋ Then, Hye Sung looked really unhappy, now is way more funny
  • Junjin: We were really worried though….
  • Dongwan: But we couldn’t laugh and it was…. really awkward
  • Eric: Actually when Hyesung fell in between the steps, we didn’t know why Hyesung was nowhere to be seen and after the performance we still flared up and asked him why didn’t he appear. He got upset and was close to tears as he told us that he fell in between the steps when we were about to go onstage and his armpits were bleeding because he was supporting himself with his elbows....... The atmosphere was really sombre, and I had to put my hands in my pockets to pinch my thighs to stop myself from laughing....
  • Junjin: Honestly………… I even had to bite my tongue…….. And I was even bleeding a little (I swear!)
  • Eric: Let’s be nicer to Hyesung from now onwards ♥♥
  • Junjin: I’ve been loving him since before ok
  • Hyesung: At that time, my spring onion root hairstyle… Sunglasses… My pants were torn and I kept bleeding… The fans were laughing.. The staff just told me to go back onstage again.. ㅠ.,ㅠ TREAT ME WELL!!
  • SHCJ and Shinhwa members are just mean to each other =)))))))))
  • Credit: @ShinhwaCompany + Absolut Shinhwa + @Shinhwa_Updates
  • me : i really feel bad for Hye Sung :( it must have hurt so bad.
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  • Minwoo: Back then who is the one saying the 5 of us to do together ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Junjin: Eric-hyung ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Eric: Its just a joke. Lets end here.
  • Minwoo: 10th Anniversary Concert! During Hey Come On solo dance time, the microphone at the extended stage was missingㅠ I told the fans my microphone is gone. The feeling is just like losing your weapon during war. haishㅠ I was dizzy…..The microphone seems to return to my side when the light shines on it~ The microphone was finally back in my hands after passing through fans’ hands ㅎ Also, the memories of me running towards them once again emerge ㅎㅎ
  • Eric: Yes! Thats why from now on, before dance solo, the microphone has to be handed to me for safekeeping. After dancing, I will then carefully hand it back.
  • Minwoo: Will hand it to Eric for safekeeping during the upcoming concert. Lets all concentrate and watch ^^
  • Hyesung: *randomly said* Nearing the end of the performance… Everyone was in tears but i suddenly realized my zipper is opened!!! Hugged Dongwan and secretly pull up the zipper… Really thrilling… Emotional tears combining with the natural action of zipping! Be careful of unintentional exposure at all times~~^^
  • Junjin: Unable to help even when seeing the zipper open — This is the feelings of dongsaeng. Want to help you pull it up yet afraid that there will be misunderstanding. I cant let my heart waver. Andy seems to have the same feeling as me… I’m glad that I can finally say it out! In the future if any members left their zipper open, I am going to pull it up…Still fresh in our memories.
  • Minwoo: I cant take it anymore ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The steering wheel is shaking
  • Junjin: The members zippers are my zippers… Thats what I feel. Members’ steering wheel are also my steering wheel… Thats what I feel too.
  • Eric: Members’ zipppers are my zippers. Lets think it this way.
  • They're just so random...from Anniversary concert to Zipper =)))))))))))))
  • Credit: @ShinhwaCompany + @Shinhwa_Updates (for Eng Trans)
  • omg this is so funny!
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